13-16.05.2009: THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA at the Azores

Choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA and the conductor Ilia Mihaylov came back from successful tour in Portugal and the Azores. In the period 13th- 16th of May the choir had three concerts which passed under great audience interest. Two of the concerts were at the third by area of Azores islands – Terceira, at the town of Angra do Heroismo – the cultural capital of Azores. Island Terceira is above 1700 km. from the coastline of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean.


The magic sounding of the traditional Bulgarian music and master performances of choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA repeatedly challenged a lot of applauses in the public. Well-known is the fact that the unique sounding of the Bulgarian folklore carries the name of our country far away instead its borders and choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA with its wonderful songs is one nobel Bulgarian ambassador all over the world.







Professional representation and booking of THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARA by Bulgarian Musical Society