12-16.10.2009: TV MEZZO makes a documentary for THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA

From 12th to 16th of October 2009 a team of the French company EVA Production came to Bulgaria to shoot a film about the choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA for MEZZO TV as a part of the series for the most famous choirs in Europe. The team was led by the famous movie manager Johan Katir and included also Dan Aloush – Director of production, Jeremy Rosen – Director and operator, Rafael De Vilis – operator and Verginia Wallis – sound operator.


The film about the choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA will be presented at the beginning of 2011 and will have four broadcasts in the prime time of MEZZO TV.


This project was realised with the support of Bulgarian Musical Society, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria and State Cultural Institute.







Professional representation and booking of THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARA by Bulgarian Musical Society