11.03.2010: Balkan Crossover by Laszlo Fassang, Balazs Dongo Szokolay and THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA

On 11th of March in concert hall Bella Bartok, Palace of Arts, Budapest, there was a unique concert called Balkan Crossover. Balkan Crossover is international cultural music project which combines the sounds of folklore live Bulgarian singing, organ and traditional Hungarian folk instruments. Participants in this project are h the choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA and conductor Ilia Mihaylov, supported by Bulgarian Musical Society, Laszlo Fassang – organ and Balazs Dongo Szokolay– pipes, flute and saxophone. The message of the concert was subjected to the conception that the most important thing in making music is the understanding of different musical worlds and their combining in one thought, one idea, in one new and different sound.


The singers from THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA who have glorified Bulgaria plenty of times all over the world once again proved their talent and with the space singing provoked the admiration and applauses of the thousand public in Bella Bartok concert hall. The magic voices of Bulgarian singers combined with the majestic sounds of organ and traditional Hungarian folklore from the instruments of Balazs Dongo Szokolay transferred the music in one really new dimension of feelings and thoughts.







Professional representation and booking of THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARA by Bulgarian Musical Society