29.08.2010: Theodosii Spassov and THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA with a new project at Danube festival in Ulm

On 29th of August 2010 Theodosii Spassov, choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA and conductor Ilia Mihaylov presented their new music project supported by Bulgarian Musical Society at the Danube festival 2010 in Ulm. In this project are included improvisations on traditional Bulgarian folklore and author’s works of Theodosii Spassov. The music is refracted trough the original look of the world famous Bulgarian player of kaval combined with the incredible sounds of the singers form choir THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA.

The concert of Theodosii Spassov and THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARIA was in the highest cathedral in the world which is one of the symbols of Germany ant the town of Ulm. There was an enormous interest by the German audience. With their undisputed capabilities the Bulgarian artists possessed the audience and were encored a lot of times.






Professional representation and booking of THE GREAT VOICES OF BULGARA by Bulgarian Musical Society